I’m Natalie Luhrs and this is my website.

I am a two-time Hugo Award finalist, most recently for my essay, “George R.R. Martin Can Fuck Off Into the Sun,” about 2020’s complete and total shitshow of a Hugo Awards ceremony. For all those horrified by my lack of respect for my elders, you’ll be glad to know that Maria Dahvana Headley’s incandescent translation of Beowulf won–much to my delight.

I’m a survivor of necrotizing pancreatitis, which left me with about 20% of my pancreas. I have Type 3c diabetes, portal hypertension, and refractory ascites. The ascites requires an outpatient surgical procedure every month or so.  This is all exactly as fun as it sounds. But I did get a cool insulin pump out of the whole deal and that, my friends, is a total game-changer when it comes to managing diabetes.

I’m an avid knitter and watercolorist.

I read a lot. Mostly science fiction/fantasy and romance; but if it’s a good book, I’m not going to quibble about genre.

I’m also a JavaScript developer and work as a junior web developer for a company that helps people to gamify their to-do lists.

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If you’d like to help support this site or my writing. I currently use Ko-Fi and it ends up in my PayPal account. I usually use those funds to pay my hosting bill or other expenses I incur online.

I am so very grateful to every single person who finds value in the work I do on my blog and helps me to pay for a virtual fancy coffee drink.

On the Blog…

Review: A Country of Ghosts by Margaret Killjoy

Review: A Country of Ghosts by Margaret Killjoy

Margaret Killjoy’s A Country of Ghosts is a work of beautifully crafted utopian fiction that reminded me of nothing so much as Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Dispossessed–except in a country called Hron where there is enough for everyone, as opposed to LeGuin’s moon Anarres, where there are precious few resources.

Highly recommended.

Links: Finding our way through the fog, only to find that there is no end.

Links: Finding our way through the fog, only to find that there is no end.

I feel like we’re all sort of fumbling in the fog, trying to find out way out of what is going to be the worst mass disabling event of our lifetimes–and as I’ve found out over the past almost-four years, there is no way out, there is only through and there is no end. Therefore, I give you a few waypoints that may help you on your journey.

CGNPCWSW: A Manifesto

CGNPCWSW: A Manifesto

I have developed a new and very important literary movement within speculative fiction, CyberGolden New PunkCore Weird SqueeWave. Please read my very well written manifesto.