Links: 03/27/15

…well, not really a links post this week. I’m on vacation from my day job (new job starts Monday), so I figure I may as well take a break from the links post, too.  Instead, here’s a GIF of Mulder in the red speedo in honor of the announcement of an X-Files miniseries.


You’re welcome.

Links: 03/20/15

Links: 03/13/15

Embroidery on advertisement by Hinke Schreuders

Embroidery on advertisement by Hinke Schreuders

Not a lot of linkage this week–I’ve been spending dramatically less time immersed in social media over the last week, so the cupboard is a bit sparse.

Links: 03/06/15


It’s been a bit of a hectic week for me, so no commentary, but have some links anyhow!

And on a completely different note: I’ve seen my name pop up on some Hugo nominations lists under Fan Writer. If you’re nominating me, thank you so much. If you’re not, why not? (I kid, I kid: there’s been a lot of people doing really good work this year.)

I’ll also mention that nominations close on March 10, so if you’re eligible to nominate, please take the time to nominate the individuals and works you feel are most deserving.

Links: 02/27/14