World Fantasy’s Harassment Non-Policy

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October 26, 2015

The final progress report from World Fantasy was emailed to members this evening.  It included the harassment policy, which is legalistic and is essentially useless.  For posterity, here it is:


And what’s on their website isn’t much better: 2015-10-26 21-46-05

I will note that they they had the better part of two years to come up with a policy and this was apparently the best they could do. Despite the existence of a number of other policies that they could have used and despite Geek Feminism’s sample policy, this is what they come up with.

At this point, a week before the convention, they know that this is a sunk cost for most people–travel is arranged and paid for, memberships purchased.

This isn’t a harassment policy. It’s garbage.

And I’d email the con comm to tell them so except I can’t seem to find an email address that goes to an actual human being and not “chairwfc2015 at aol dot com” I am not even joking is anyone even checking that email address? Who’s the chair? Does anyone know? Because I have looked and I surely cannot anyone’s name or email address on the website.  I guess I’ll email “Chair at wfc2015 dot org” (as given in the progress report–will that go to the same place as the aol dot com email? WHO KNOWS? It is a MYSTERY!) and recommend that if you have a membership and care about harassment policies that aren’t garbage that you do, too.

Edited to add: three of the last five World Fantasy Conventions had harassment incidents that were publicized: 20102011, and 2013.

And while I’m editing to add things, there’s a discussion happening on the convention’s Facebook page right now, too. They didn’t want to get more specific because they didn’t want to be accused of libel. LIBEL, y’all. 2015-10-26 22-51-50

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