Weeknotes 12 – 2019-10-14

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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October 14, 2019




Not so much reading this week, but I finally finished listening to Rachel Maddow’s podcast about Spiro Agnew, Bagman, and listened to a few episode of Debbie Millman’s Design Matters.


And the reason I spent so much time listening to media instead of reading or watching is–I’ve started painting again! Like in a way that I’m finding really soothing and helpful for calming my brain weasels the fuck down. I’m still not into sharing what I’m working on on social media, but here’s a peek:

I’ve been working my way through the exercises in Josie Lewis’s The New Color Mixing Companion and it’s all rainbows and mixing colors together interspersed with essays about flow and it’s great. Just what I needed to kick start painting again.


Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I really need a win, y’all.

I had a paracentesis on Tuesday and they pulled 6.5L of fluid out of my abdomen. The doctor was great and listened to me when I said that I needed to have plenty of numbing and the longer needle; she used two vials of lidocaine and the longer needle and I didn’t feel a damn thing. I was supposed to get some intravenous albumin because more than 5L of fluid were removed, however, the nurses–including an IV nurse–were unable to get an IV started and they tried 5 separate times.

And I’ve got a rash on both my arms and back that I’m pretty sure is eczema and I’m itchy and miserable and have spent what feels like a small fortune on various lotions and unguents. I’ve messaged my primary care doctor to see if there’s anything else I can do.

I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow afternoon, where I will be kept waiting for at least 30 minutes in his waiting room even if there are no other patients, and where the result will be a fatherly pat on the arm and the declaration that nope, no surgery for me.

The lone bright spot in all this is that the team at Penn requested copies of my images and my GI doctor hand-delivered them himself late last week. Fingers crossed and candles lit, y’all.


I’m doing a pretty good job at keeping up with things at work, despite some jaw-dropping stupidity on the part of some of my co-workers. Like forwarding an email to me with the subject line “Your project has been approved” to ask what the approval status of the project is. I’m spending way too much of my time dealing with the garbage project approval system and not enough time working on other things.

I’m headed to Des Moines at the end of the month for a team meeting, which I’m looking forward to, even if it does mean way too much time on airplanes and in airports.

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