Weeknotes 10 – 2019-09-30

Written by Natalie Luhrs

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September 30, 2019

The RSS feed for the site is broken and I don’t know why; it was working find right up until last week. It is a mystery to me and not one I’m going to spend a lot of time digging into.

I managed to go into the office every day last week–for the first time since mid-August, at least. It was good to be able to manage to do that, even if it did mean that I spent an awful lot of the weekend napping.


This week, I read Gideon the Ninth and lo, it was good. The voice is phenomenal and the plot mostly holds together. It is the first book in a planned trilogy with the second volume out next May.

Been watching a lot of random television–the “Science” Channel, HGTV, and DIY mostly.

Thinking about buying the Untitled Goose Game because who doesn’t want to be a horrible goose?


I started working on outlining a few existing processes with an eye towards simplifying and streamlining them. It was a nice change from dealing with people wanting their projects authorized as quickly as possible. Although I did have to field multiple calls from the controller in Hungary about a bunch of iPhones and laptops.

On a more positive note, one of my colleagues in Spain sent me a picture of his adorable 4 month old baby–he’s gone out on paternity leave for a month; they get two months in Spain and he’d taken the first month after his son was born. Can I just say how freaking humane that is–especially compared to what folks in the US get?


I kind of went on a fountain pen and ink (mostly ink) bender this week.

The following inks have been added to my collection or are en route:

In terms of pens, the most interesting ones I acquired are a TWSBI Eco-T, a Pilot Metropolitan, and a Pilot Decimo Vanishing Point. The Eco-T is a bit of a dry pen and it needs a darker and wetter ink than what I’ve put in it (Vinta Sirena). The Metropolitan is an incredibly pleasant surprise and I can see myself picking up a few more of these as they’re fairly inexpensive. The Vanishing Point hasn’t arrived yet, and it was the splurgiest pen I bought. I’m hoping it’ll be a good pen for work and I’m planning on putting either Chushu or Shimoyo in it.


The only thing that went on last week was a visit with my primary care doctor. Which was a nice change of pace. The goal with my primary care is to keep everything as stable as we can while trying to figure out my guts. Still no updates from my GI doctor, despite me sending an email and leaving a voicemail. I’ll be in the practice’s office tomorrow for an appointment with their nutritionist and I’ll try to follow up in person then. I’m not patient and I really need a paracentesis.


I, uh, ordered my Hobonichi for next year. That counts, right?

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