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January 26, 2016

Three colors I love!

Quinacridone Gold


This is my favorite color in my watercolor palette and it is essential for me to have. There’s just something about it that makes me happy. And I don’t even like yellow. But I adore this.



Doesn’t matter the shade or the hue, I love purple. Always have. I have an enormous collection of purple yarn and fiber. Still looking for a really great purple ink for my pens, though.

Acid Green


I know, right? It’s so loud and obnoxious–and that’s why I love it. I can’t wear it, but I do love having it around.

It’s funny: I never thought I’d love color as much as I do.

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  1. aegtx

    I wrote the first draft of my dissertation in Levenger’s Amethyst (and wore a Shaffer M down to an EB). These days, I like Private Reserve Purple Haze, which is a gorgeous pale lavender. I highly recommend the Goulet swatch website–on my monitor it’s pretty accurate, and then you can get samples for diiiirt cheap.

  2. Jessie SS

    SO much of my house is painted in slightly-greyed purple and shades of orange. (The rest is blues from the same family as the purple. The neon green is restricted to V.’s room.) I would never ever have guessed those colors for myself before I found them re-appearing everywhere!

  3. Jane Routley

    You Go, Girl! Live in colour!


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