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February 16, 2016

keyboards are very useful for blogging

keyboards are very useful for blogging (remixed)

No really! Sometimes–often–I read blogs that are not about genre fiction. And I even read ones that aren’t explicitly about feminism or politics! This is surprising, I know, but it is true!  I’ve been reading blogs and blogging since 1999, so there have been a lot of sites that have cycled in and out of my feed reader (RIP, Google Reader).

Here are three of my favorites.

Door Sixteen

I love Anna Dorfman’s design aesthetic even if I can’t possibly emulate it (we are too full of clutter chez Natalie)–but it sure is nice to look at the sorts of design elements she gravitates towards. And every so often I get an idea of something we may be able to do in our house someday and I add another bookmark to my endless list of things for the house. Also, I am really interested to see the transformation of that ugly-ass bedroom into something cute.

Dances with Wool

Lene Alve lives in Finland, above the Arctic Circle. She knits, crochets, spins, embroiders, draws–and she takes pictures of it all. She also takes pictures of her surroundings and the animals she encounters–some are her family’s pets, others are wild. I find her work endlessly inspirational and I hope to someday create as beautifully as she does.

I Will Dare

I’ve been reading Jodi Chromey’s blog for as long as it’s existed. I think. I know I was living in Nebraska when I discovered it and I left Nebraska in 2002, so at least since then. Jodi’s a reader and writer, but her tastes are so incredibly different than mine that I always love seeing what she has to say–she really likes her some rock and roll memoirs and I’ve bought a few after reading her posts about them but haven’t yet gotten to them. Someday, Heart memoir, some day!

What are some of your favorites?

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