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October 4, 2019

Some good news this week on the medical front: my GI doctor was able to speak to doctors at Penn and Jefferson and is sending them my records for review. So I may be getting two second opinions. And my interventional radiologist has been consulting with vascular surgeons at the hospital to investigate alternate ways of getting my portal vein open. So we’ve achieved some degree of forward momentum after what feels like months of wheel spinning.

  • A woman’s greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself I seem to feel this more at work than I do at home (not having children probably help with that)–I am asked to do a lot of very basic tasks that the askers could do on their own and it inevitably ends up disrupting whatever it is I’m working on. I’ve taken to marking myself as “Do Not Disturb” on work’s IM system so I won’t get the random “Hi Natalie” messages that are a harbinger of someone wanting a piece of me with no regard for what I may be currently working on. We won’t talk about the people who don’t check schedule availability before scheduling meetings. I am vigilant af about keeping mine up to date because I have so many medical appointments.
  • Wait wait…tell me! Super fascinating piece about how looking into computer loading visualizations helped the city of Detroit communicate demolition schedules to interested residents. I love this sort of thing.
  • Cut from the same cloth Loved this thoughtful essay by a mother about her teen daughter and her daughter’s fashion choices–and her support of those choices, even when she was confused by them. She draws a line from her teenage years to her daughter’s and this piece just gave me all the warm fuzzies.
  • Who would Tavi Gevinson be without Instagram? I’ve had half an eye on Gevinson from the time she was a baby fashion blogger and I love how authentic and thoughtful she is as she reflects upon her relationship with Instagram.

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