Could I possibly catch a break now?

Could I possibly catch a break now?

Oof. The last three months. A few days after my last post, I ended up back in the hospital with E. coli again. I was inpatient for a week and a half and was sent home with IV antibiotics. Thanksgiving week, I went to Jefferson for an ERCP for a pancreatic stent placement. It went well. Finished up the course of IV antibiotics, and a week later, back in the...

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“Hello, I’m sorry, I lost myself”

“Hello, I’m sorry, I lost myself”

So, um, hello! I know, it's been a while. Life happened. This got long, so the update is under the cut. In quasi-chronological order: I was hospitalized for most of a week in February and was out of work for a week. I was on disability for the entire month of March. This is a long and complicated story and I don't feel like repeating it here for the ten...

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January 2020: State of the Natalie

The current state of the Natalie is...not great. More below the cut. Still trying to get to the bottom of the ascites; I've had appointments with doctors at both Penn and Jefferson and they both need more data before we can decide on a path of action. That data collection happened today, so maybe in a couple of weeks? I really need answers and a path...

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Hello! I'm Natalie Luhrs.

I write about books, culture, disability, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I have many opinions.

I am a two-time Hugo Award finalist, in 2017 for Best Fan Writer and in 2021 for my essay “George R.R. Martin Can Fuck Off Into the Sun, Or: The 2020 Hugo Awards Ceremony (Rageblog Edition)” in the Best Related Work category.

Please do not offer me medical advice. I have something like 10 doctors and it’s already pretty challenging to keep up with what they want me to do. I do not have the bandwidth to process any advice that doesn’t come from one of my doctors, no matter how well meant the advice may be. Thank you!

2021 Conventions

Readercon – August 13-15, 2021 (virtual)

Capclave – October 1-3, 2021 (in person)

DisCon III, the 79th World Science Fiction Convention – December 15-19, 2021 (in person)

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Look, I know it’s crass, but I’m unemployed and not going to have an income until my SSDI goes through and who knows when that’ll be, so here’s some wishlists in case you want to buy me something. I try to keep them reasonably up to date.


Words of Wisdom

"It's chaos, be kind."
Michelle McNamara