Poetry Wednesday

Poetry Wednesday

Here's some poems I've been grooving on lately.  Maybe they might be your sort of thing, too. "The Ghost Tide Chantey", Fran Wilde "Cloudbending", Jennifer Crow "To be of use", Marge Piercy "Godzilla vs. Shakespeare", Jo Walton "Sonnet: Against Entropy", John M. Ford "Ballerina Hippo Mippo", Emily Jiang "Manananggal", M Sereno (I might try to make this a...

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W.B. Yeats, Nice Guy

W.B. Yeats, Nice Guy

A million years ago when I was in college, I wrote an honors thesis on the subject of the poet William Butler Yeats. It was very much the work of a naive 20 year old and while I'm not exactly ashamed of it, I do wish that someone had hit me with a clue by four at some point in the process. One side effect of having written the thesis, though, is that I...

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Hello! I'm Natalie Luhrs.

I write about books, culture, disability, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I have many opinions.

I am a two-time Hugo Award finalist, in 2017 for Best Fan Writer and in 2021 for my essay “George R.R. Martin Can Fuck Off Into the Sun, Or: The 2020 Hugo Awards Ceremony (Rageblog Edition)” in the Best Related Work category.

Please do not offer me medical advice. I have something like 10 doctors and it’s already pretty challenging to keep up with what they want me to do. I do not have the bandwidth to process any advice that doesn’t come from one of my doctors, no matter how well meant the advice may be. Thank you!

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"It's chaos, be kind."
Michelle McNamara