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  • Reading Habits and the Status Quo

    Earlier this month, Jane Litte had a post at Dear Author about reading habits and what publishers and writers can do to change them that sort of stuck with me and not for particularly good reasons. I’ve been thinking about it a lot because while she doesn’t necessarily say anything that’s objectionable on the surface, […]

  • Harassment and the Back Channel

    I am so very sorry that Elise Matthesen was harassed at WisCon. I don’t know Elise in person, but I have bought a number of pieces of jewelry from her and I admire her tremendously. I am grateful that she has written such a powerful piece that explains what she did to report her harasser […]

  • Clean Rooms, Messy Bodies: The Intersection of SF and Romance

    Once out of nature I shall never take My bodily form from any natural thing, But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make Of hammered gold and gold enamelling To keep a drowsy Emperor awake; Or set upon a golden bough to sing To lords and ladies of Byzantium Of what is past, or passing, […]

  • Criticism, Reader Shame, and Problematic Books

    The speculative fiction community has been having, for many years now, conversations on how to be a fan of problematic things (too many posts to actually link, hence the LMGTFY link–I promise, I am not being an asshole–it was either do that or spend all evening vetting links and not writing this post; however if you […]

  • Over the Borderline: More on Genre, Gender, and Reviews

    As I read some of the responses to my post last week, I kept thinking about boundary policing, moving goalposts, and gaslighting. Which is an awful lot for a thesis statement, so let me break it up a bit. In the form of a simulated conversation! Group A: Hey, we really like $thing! It would […]