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May 12, 2013

Girl's Hair-Do Reveals Love Life

Girl’s Hair-Do Reveals Love Life: A signal and a challenge.

Due to massive link overload, this week’s linkspam had to be broken into two posts! Enjoy!

As with Friday’s post, thanks again to Jessica for her assistance in collecting these links. Much appreciated!

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  1. jessica

    I really like that author blog post about bad reviews, and I liked what she says in the comments too: ‘A book is not just a book – a book is a conversation.’ … The author sets up the conversation – puts up the pillars and the beams, but the conversation is between the book *itself* and the reader – not between the author and the reader. Because, while the author provides the tools and materials for constructing the story, the actual *work* of story construction happens in the mind of the *reader*, not the writer. And the writer is – and should remain – absent. ”

    As for historical romance, I think the connection you make with the Bucknell piece is spot on. I think we forget what an unusually savvy bunch of readers we bloggers are. When I first started reading romance, I thought I would never get tired of it, never learn the terrain, or feel it was familiar. So many books are published every month, that I wondered how more experienced readers could complain about not finding what they wanted. But now, five or six years later, much of it feels samey, been there done that. And while non-romance readers will likely attribute that to the same book being written over and over, I think it’s down more to my greater experience. I think classism and racism (among other isms) have always dogged the genre and still do. But with the rise of self-pub and digital independent pubs, I just don’t feel like we are in an time of unusual constriction. But that’s just my perspective. I am no industry expert and probably don’t have the broad view of sales and the like that others do.

    Finally, people keep sending me these articles, like the one by Susan Faludi on Shulamith Firestone in the New Yorker, about the fate of the women’s liberationists/radical feminists of the 1970s (this is a different group from the Gloria Steinems) and it’s just heartbreaking in too many cases. We don’t do so well taking care of our elders though, and I guess there’ s no reason to think this group would be any different.

  2. Selki

    I loved the author letter.


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