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April 12, 2016

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Bogi Takács


Bogi Takács

Bogi Takács is a Hungarian Jewish agender person currently living in the US. Eir speculative fiction, poetry and nonfiction have been published in a variety of venues like ClarkesworldApex, Strange Horizons and Glittership. E posts SFF story and poem recommendations on Twitter on a semi-daily basis under #diversestories and #diversepoems. You can follow Bogi at @bogiperson or visit eir website at

You are Here / Was: Blue Line to Memorial Park

You Are Here

You need to take the Blue Line to Memorial Park – move up around the
axis to the second exit. (You can use your home vehicle.) You walk along
the fence and turn right to find the entrance ahead. The fountain is
inside, centered in the hall; to locate it, you need to walk past the core
steles along the main avenue.

Read the rest at Strange Horizons.

You really have to click through to read the rest of this–because this poem is not possible without fancy coding–or, rather, you don’t get the full effect of the poem without it.  It’s so excellent and every time I read it and click [PROCEED] I am blown away anew. You can read some notes on the piece here–with another poem set in the same locale near the end.

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