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April 4, 2017

I’m a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer this year and I’m beyond thrilled to be sharing a category with such excellent people.

The rest of the ballot is also quite wonderful. I’m going to have the best worst time figuring out how I’m going to vote.

The history behind the Hugo Award and the honor it represents–these are important to me, in an earnest and completely unironic way.

I don’t know if words can really do justice to how this feels.

Grateful. Honored. Overwhelmed.

Thank you so much. This really does mean everything.

Kermit Flail!

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  1. bluestgirl

    So happy for you, and so glad to see all your work & love & dedication being recognized. (Also, you get to be on a list with Chuck Tingle, sooooo jealous!)

  2. Eppu


  3. I_Sell_Books


  4. Dana



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