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August 23, 2013


did you know that if you put a tiny bit of sap green into ultramarine blue you get a really lovely shade of teal? me neither. and then if you add a tiny bit of payne’s gray to it, you can make it darker.

i am constantly amazed at the range of colors i can make from a fairly limited palette. also at how an eensy weensy bit of paint goes so very far–i am using professional artist grade paints, so they’re very highly pigmented.


alizarin red
cadmium red
light cadmium yellow
cadmium yellow
sap green
ultramarine blue
phthlao blue
burnt sienna
payne’s gray

i have plans to swap out the medium cadmium yellow for a different yellow–i am leaning towards deep hansa yellow–and maybe adding in an orange (either gamboge or indian yellow) and a purple (ultramarine violet?), too.

so many colors! i want them all!

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