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January 1, 2013

Watching the Dark, the 20th Alan Banks novel

Watching the Dark, the 20th Alan Banks novel

If you’re anything like me where books are concerned, then the start of a new year brings all sorts of excitement because it means potential new offerings from my favorite authors. Always a squee-worthy thought for me.

So here’s a (very) brief list of what I’m looking forward to in 2013:

Proof of Guilt, the 15th Ian Rutledge novel

Proof of Guilt, the 15th Ian Rutledge novel

• January 8th brings the latest Peter Robinson entry in his long-running Alan Banks series, Watching the Dark.
• January 29th will find me devouring Proof of Guilt, the latest installment in Charles Todd’s Ian Rutledge series.

Those two things alone would make Donna a happy girl. But also on January 29th, I will be reading that Charles Todd whilst anticipating Out of Circulation, the next installment in Miranda James’ charming Cat in the Stacks series, which also has the 29th as a release date. And I will get to follow that up with more catly goodness in the form of Sofie Kelly’s latest, Cat Trick, which comes out the very next week (And in the Yay! Department, Kelly has another title coming out in early October).



And that’s just for the first month. I really can’t wait to see what the rest of 2013 brings. Anything in particular that you’re looking forward to? Hoping for? Me, I am hearing that that Pioneer Girl annotation will be out sometime this summer, and I am hoping that James Kaplan is going to get around to the second volume in his Sinatra biography. And I have to get caught up on a few other things. I have yet to read Elfhome, Wen Spencer’s latest entry in her Tinker series (a personal favorite, especially since it’s set in my old hometown of Pittsburgh), or Tina Connolly’s Ironskin, which has been on my to-read list for a bit now. And I so want to read Dearie, which I have heard good things about. As Julia Child is one of my idols, that’s definitely been on my must-read list for a while. I am soooo far behind.

Wishing you a 2013 filled with peace and happiness and, of course, mountains of excellent books!


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  1. Rosary

    Oh yay! I didn’t know James and Kelly would have books coming out within a couple of weeks. I am excited there! I see where my BN gift card is going.

    I am reading Dearie right now. It’s much more dishy than the earlier Child biography–Appetite for Life. I enjoyed Appetite, but Dearie is less academic and more personable. You and I must dish on Child books! I have Julia’s Cats to read too! In fact, Friday is my day to talk at book club, and Julia Child is what I’m talking about. Did you read A Covert Affair?

    • donna

      I have not–my sole foray into Child’s life has been My Life in France, which is all about how she came to write Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I need to see if my library has Dearie; if they don’t, I’ll have to order a copy (along with a few other things, of course…).

      I’m really excited about all of these books–best way to start 2013, as far as I’m concerned 🙂

    • Rosary

      Oh, indeed..good books are one of the best ways to start a year. I think I’ll go see about preordering the James and the Kelly.


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