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September 13, 2013

Sacre-Coeur Church in Montmartre, Paris by Park Sunga

Sacre-Coeur Church in Montmartre, Paris by Park Sunga

This next set of links all comes with trigger warning for violence against women, children, minorities, and persons with disabilities.

Here’s a few happier things to end the post on–think of them as unicorn chasers.

And if you’re looking for more reading material, may I recommend the links posts at Love in the Margins?

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  1. Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile

    I’ve been reading the story about the disrupted adoptions for the past few days, and every few minutes I find myself wondering how this can go on? In what crazy reality is it okay to just hand your kid over to someone else? And what kind of parent just hands over a kid to a virtual stranger? Even a disturbed child with mental issues deserves more than that.

  2. Natalie Luhrs

    @Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile: There’s no “even” about it–EVERY child deserves more than that. I actually couldn’t finish reading the whole article because it was just too upsetting. And I kept thinking about a loophole in a law in Nebraska that was intended to allow people leave newborns at hospitals without legal repercussions that also allowed some parents to leave their teenagers as well.

  3. Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile

    @Natalie Luhrs: And some of the parents in the story had their children for years and years before they decided they were done. Just because they were adopted somehow allows them to discard the kids when they’re done. Something needs to be done about this pronto, there needs to be more support for the ones who struggke.

  4. Natalie Luhrs

    @Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile: I agree! I think if there were more robust and stigma-free mental health services available to both children and parents that a lot of this could be avoided, especially when it comes to adoption of older children from overseas. Spending time in an orphanage, as so many of these children have, has real effects on their lives–even if it’s the nicest orphanage in the world (and they often aren’t). And you can’t predict what the effects will be because every experience is different. But I also think we, as a society, need better mental health services period.

  5. ConFigures

    That time-travel article was right on. Also, there are good (at least fun to read) time-travel fantasy/romance books with women protagonists, as in Diana Gabaldon’s *Outlander* and sequels, and others I remember but don’t remember enough to dig up the names by searching.

  6. hawkwinglb

    So, Ben Aaronovitch’s in the Strange Horizons comments, too. Y’know, I like the man’s books a lot, but I’m starting to think he’s an asshole.

  7. Natalie Luhrs

    @hawkwinglb: Can’t say I disagree on that front. I only saw the one comment, are there more comments than that?

  8. hawkwinglb

    @Natalie Luhrs:

    Yep, there were nine that I saw.

  9. Selki

    My book club is doing Sherman Alexie’s 2010 *War Dances* short story collection in October, so I was happy to read his new poem. I’m guessing he’s a little tired of horse culture stereotypes.

  10. Liz Mc2

    I’m teaching Alexie’s *Absolutely True Diary* in my Children’s Lit class, and I will definitely share that poem with them. Thanks!

    Renay’s essay and the distinction she draws between different types of blogs was really interesting (and touches on some things about Romanceland blogging and interactions I’ve been wrestling with). And then the comments . . . did he show up to prove her point? I really like the Peter Grant series and recommended it to several friends, but it’s now reaching the point where I will have to actively try not to think about the author’s behavior in order to keep enjoying the books.

    I can’t even read the adoption story. I’ve read a bit about this before (including the issues in Nebraska you mention) and it’s just so horrifying. Nothing can excuse what these parents are doing. But I can’t help wonder how a foreign adoption system that in many ways commodified infants and children played into this. If you can essentially shop for a baby, well, why not return it if you’re not satisfied? And on the flip side, because it’s a “business” they are often not given information and tools they need to help children with severe problems; they have no idea what they may be getting into (this is often equally true, of course, when people give birth to children).


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