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August 23, 2013

Bee Hotel


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  1. Las

    What bugs about the Howard thing is how improbable the whole thing is. How likely is it that a debut self-pub author, who’s connected to readers and writers via social media, will be so ignorant about how GR ratings and shelves work? I know I’m being all conspiracy theory about this, but there is something seriously off about people’s reactions.

  2. Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile

    As usual, there are enough links here to keep me busy for some time. I love how 1 link leads to another article leads to a new website leads to another article and so on. I don’t know how you manage to find all of these, but keep it up, I love your linkspams.

  3. Natalie Luhrs

    @Las: I agree–something doesn’t feel right about the whole thing. I just can’t imagine that a debut self-pub author–who is going to rely on places like GR to help her sell her book–is so aggressively clueless about the whole thing.

    @Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile: I’m glad you enjoy them! I’m a compulsive reader so I’d be doing this much reading every week anyhow–having a place to compile things I find interesting makes me feel like it’s not all wasted time! 🙂

  4. jennygadget

    I think asking who reviews are for is an interesting question, actually, but not in the way that post framed it. Not in the sense of “are they for writer or are they for readers?”

    As you said, reviews are for readers, not writers. Writing about a book in order to sell it is marketing, and I don’t really trust reviewers who think that’s part of their job. Just as I’d no longer trust Consumer Reports if they suddenly adopted the attitude that they tested cars to help out the car companies.

    Beyond that though, I think the question of “which readers?” can be an interesting one. Also, I think that pondering this question might do some of those involved in various Goodreads dramas some good, if only because it might occur to some of them that different people use Goodreads differently AND THAT’S OK.


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