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May 3, 2013

Static, Alex Hall

Static, Alex Hall

Also, I realized that there’s a huge hole in my reading.

How to Suppress Women's Writing, Joanna Russ

How to Suppress Women’s Writing, Joanna Russ

That and Terry Tempest Williams’s When Women Were Birds should make for stimulating weekend reading.

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  1. Victoria Janssen

    Yes, you must read that book IMMEDIATELY. And then blog about it! *bats eyelashes*

    • Natalie

      I started reading it last night. I am not sure there’s enough blood pressure medication in the world. Or enough highlighter ink. (In other words, Super-Relevant to My Interests.)

  2. Rosary

    Joanna Russ? I’ve read excerpts from that, and they made me mad (back in the grad school day), but I’ve read so much since then I can’t recall it. I guess I should hunt it up. I should be grading Cinderella stories not looking at Linkspam!


  1. How to Suppress Women’s Writing, Joanna Russ — Radish Reviews - [...] I mentioned on Friday, some of my weekend reading was devoted to filling a large gap in my reading,…


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