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April 5, 2013

Arches, Quintuplet, and GC Star Clusters: Rough and Crowded Neighborhood at Galactic Center

Arches, Quintuplet, and GC Star Clusters: Rough and Crowded Neighborhood at Galactic Center

And because it is National Poetry Month (in the US), have a poem! By someone who is not American!

Punishment, Seamus Heaney

I can feel the tug
of the halter at the nape
of her neck, the wind
on her naked front.

It blows her nipples
to amber beads,
it shakes the frail rigging
of her ribs.

I can see her drowned
body in the bog,
the weighing stone,
the floating rods and boughs.

Under which at first
she was a barked sapling
that is dug up
oak-bone, brain-firkin:

her shaved head
like a stubble of black corn,
her blindfold a soiled bandage,
her noose a ring

to store
the memories of love.
Little adulteress,
before they punished you

you were flaxen-haired,
undernourished, and your
tar-black face was beautiful.
My poor scapegoat,

I almost love you
but would have cast, I know,
the stones of silence.
I am the artful voyeur

of your brain’s exposed
and darkened combs,
your muscles’ webbing
and all your numbered bones:

I who have stood dumb
when your betraying sisters,
cauled in tar,
wept by the railings,

who would connive
in civilized outrage
yet understand the exact
and tribal, intimate revenge.

I am endlessly fascinated by bog people: Tales from the Bog in which it is revealed that Windeby Girl (the body which was the inspiration for “Punishment”) was no girl and probably died of natural causes. SCIENCE.

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  1. Fran W

    Ahhhhh I <3 Heaney. So very much. Thank you as always for the wonderful linkspam. (and the linklove!)

  2. Merrian

    Love your linkage, the Ice Age carvings film is wonderful


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