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April 12, 2013

Alive Without Breath: Keng Lye

Alive Without Breath: Keng Lye
These are amazing and gorgeous and I want one.

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  1. Liz Bourke

    I am really, really annoyed at the Geek Love column. Seriously, Nick Mamatas is right: “geek pride” is incredibly damaging. Look at that one go, othering and disappearing women! People who aren’t like the author! People who came to their geekdom in different ways even way back when. People, dare I say it, who aren’t white and American and moderately well-off.

    I didn’t comment, because right now my life is falling apart and I can’t hack the stress the pushback would be.

    Ah, well. I did find an awesome video today:

    Made me very happy. (Starships! Were meant to fly!)

    • Natalie

      I actually had a whole thing written about how I didn’t have access to a lot of the markers of fandom mentioned in that post and then I decided it was too personal and I deleted it. I may be white and American but I grew up in a relatively strict household and it was made clear to me from a very young age that certain things were not for me and media fandom was definitely one of those things (not that my parents would have recognized it as such).

      That is a most excellent video! *sparkle hearts*

      And I totally, totally, totally understand not wanting to deal with pushback. One doesn’t have unlimited energy for dealing with this sort of thing. I hope things get better for you soon!

    • Liz Bourke

      I’m Irish. And never really found comics appealing. And I really don’t get a lot of the emotional investment in media and tech fandoms. (I mean, I’m a history geek, but there’s really not the same cultural identification there…)

      I like stuff. And I get enthusiastic about stuff, but it’s not fundamental to my self-image the way it seems to be to certain parts of an older generation. It does seem to be an older generation, one uncomfortable with proliferating ways and means of engaging with certain touchstones of their childhood culture, and the new meanings assigned to older symbols by more diverse participants…

    • Natalie

      It does have a certain odor of “those interlopers are getting COOTIES all over our cool things!”, doesn’t it?

      I’m not doing a very good job at articulating my thoughts on this. Teenage girls are, at least in American culture, discouraged in their enthusiasms. They’re made fun of (see: Twilight and One Direction) and they’re generally portrayed as not knowing any better.

      Liking stuff isn’t fundamental to my self-image, either.

      And then there’s this, which is pretty epic:

    • Liz Bourke

      I went to an all-girls secondary school and had a rather socially isolated out-of-school life, so I’ve really no idea how teenage society works outside that bubble even here…

      I can well believe that society treats teenage girls’ enthusiasms as invalid or dangerous. It does the same thing with women’s, after all, and has historically.

    • Selki

      Wow, I love that vid!

      And now, someday I want to read Les Miserables (b/c of both awesome links)


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