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March 29, 2013

Eleanor Clements and Her Peep Solar System

Eleanor Clements and Her Peep Solar System
“Eleanor’s parents, Amy and William Clements, assured us that their daughter did the work all by herself. Judges appreciated the educational qualities of the diorama, as well as its simplicity.”

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  1. Selki

    Peep solar system = full of win.

    Good article on Lean In.

  2. Rosary

    Ok, I had to tlaugh at “Lose the elves” in the tips for writer post.

    The dinosaur sex blog was interesting, but those images where well odd.

    Interesting article on the Amanda Palmer phenomenon.

    Cool anime trailer…for Red or “Ruby”… clearly some sort of series about modernized fairy tale heroines. That trailer is clearly a take on Red Riding Hood. W in the series is probably Snow White. Ah here we go a link about the series:

    It makes me want togo watch Red Vs Blue though. That series is wonderfully silly.

    • donna

      I have to tell you, it’s a RELIEF to know I’m not the only one who is anti-elf.


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