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December 20, 2013

1980 Sears Wishbook

1980 Sears Wishbook

This happened, too–not linking because I don’t want to give this jackass any traffic but man. I am so very proud.  And I’m in some fantastic company. Stupidosphere is just about the right word for it.


FYI: I’m only jittery because I drink too much coffee.  And I’m going to get a coffee mug that proudly proclaims that I am all that is wrong in SFF today.

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  1. Jim C. Hines

    As part of the Justice League, I want a costume! With a cape!

  2. Natalie Luhrs

    @Jim C. Hines: …are you sure you really want a costume? It might end up being just a loincloth and a cape. Kinda drafty!

  3. DataGoddess

    No capes!

    I burned through some brain cells reading that tripe. It all seemed to boil down to “how dare you wimmuns and Others want to read what’s always been written for white boys!!!”

  4. Selki

    I looked up WLG on Wikipedia, and came this part about his death: “He moved to New York to live with his daughter Fanny’s family. In late May his condition worsened, and his five surviving children rushed to join him. Fanny asked if he would enjoy singing some hymns. Although he was unable to sing, his children sang favorite hymns while he beat time with his hands and feet. On May 24, 1879 Garrison lost consciousness, and died just before midnight.”

    Moving — what a way to go.


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