Linkspam, 11/22/13 Edition

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  1. Liz Bourke

    The rooster on the Baen cover actually almost makes sense in the context of the book. But it does look ridiculous.

  2. Merrian

    I love your linkspam pictures as much as the links 🙂 and I adore Sleepy Hollow in all it’s non-making sense glory

  3. Natalie Luhrs

    @Merrian: The pictures are part of the linkspam, too! I follow a bunch of artist and artist-showcase blogs, so I always have more amazing images than I can use!

    @Liz Bourke: I want to have a contest where that chicken shows up on all sorts of different books. Peeking over Hild’s shoulder. Looming over Jago and Bren. That sort of thing.


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