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November 15, 2013

As old as creation / Syphilis is now curable

As old as creation / Syphilis is now curable

And since today’s my birthday, everyone gets a cupcake!

cupcakes with a reading list

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  1. A.C. Wise

    Happy birthday!

  2. Charlotte

    Thanks for the cupcake, and Happy Birthday!

    now off to read about sea slug sex.

  3. Erica

    Happy birthday! and great links.

  4. Ann Somerville

    Many happy returns, and as ever, thank you so much for your wonderful links compilation.

  5. Merrian

    Happy Birthday Natalie and all the best for the year ahead

  6. Selki

    I loved the Dinovember pix and Ann Leckie’s thoughts on Foreigner/agency.
    Happy belated birthday!


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