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November 1, 2013

Kingfisher 2

These feather shadowboxes by Chris Maynard are amazing. (via)

Higgledy-piggledy go go go. Happy Friday, everyone.

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  1. victoriajanssen

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about the Tiptree stories.

  2. Aisha

    I finally clicked on the link and read the logic of stupid poor people article and it resonated with me because I have come to understand the seemingly irrational consumption patterns (and more importantly for me, political choices) of poor people as largely aspirational, even if they do not have tangible material benefits. I do find it interesting that many of the comments I skimmed identified language, or maybe more accurately accent and proficiency (“Queen’s English” and “High English”) as significant keys enabling access to opportunities for the commenters. For me this really points to other forms of privilege or capital (primarily cultural) that those commenters have/have had, and to yet another source of gatekeeping for those lacking it to overcome (likely requiring a far more significant investment in both time and resources than the purchase of a silk shell).


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