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March 14, 2014

Hey, sorry for not doing linkspam last week–I was busy buying a house! It is an awesome house and if you’re not careful, I’ll inflict pictures on you! Just ask all my co-workers!

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  1. Selki

    1) Shame on the Florida prosecutor for shrugging off the possible murders and certainly wrongful deaths of so many minors.
    2) I’m glad the bunkhouse wage-slaves story has a somewhat happy ending, but 30 years? And the pastor was so upset about them just being taken away? It’s a good argument for reforming mimimum wage and labor laws, anyway.
    3) With my understanding of academic practices these days I’m not surprised at what happened with that woman’s attempt to negotiate, but that doesn’t excuse the college, and certainly it’s possible that they *would* have negotiated with a man. I am #soweary of hearing it’s womens’ fault for not asking, when women are disproportionately punished for asking. See criticism section of
    4) I’ll have to ask my sister who used to live outside Philly, if she ever had a Wawa oven-baked S’more Pie. Also, yay the thought of free ATMs.

  2. Veronica Schanoes

    Maybe they would’ve negotiated, maybe they wouldn’t have, but I think even if they had no interest in negotiating, that’s still not withdrawing the position! That is some bullshit, right there.

  3. squishydish

    Wawa must have introduced the S’More Pie after I moved from West Chester, but I certainly consumed a number of Shortis while I lived there. Many of my co-workers also patronized Wawas. Good food, good service. And yes, the free ATMs were great.


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