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January 17, 2014

Forest Scent, Pavel Bautin. Russia. 2010 IAPLC Grand Prize Winner

Forest Scent, Pavel Bautin. Russia. 2010 IAPLC Grand Prize Winner

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  1. GeekMelange

    Thank you for including my blog post in Link Spam. Keeping that thing updated during over the initial 48 hrs might have been one of the more surreal experiences I’ve had in a long time, but I’m happy that people have found it so useful. Hopefully I’ll have two follow-ups posted over the weekend – there are some additional issues regarding perceptions of the con’s cancellation that are worth considering, and given the reactions to the news that the con’s anti-harassment policy had a less than enthusiastic reception from the hotel, revisiting why these policies are so necessary seems warranted.

    Especially after reading that Publisher’s Weekly post (Jim C. Hines had tweeted it out yesterday or the day before as well. Objection to an organization with the size, scope and reach of ALA having a policy and complaining that it’ll create an “intellectually chilling” atmosphere (which ignores how *harassment* is what actually creates that kind of atmosphere for people already) is frustratingly myopic.

  2. bluestgirlblog

    I am getting increasingly bothered by the “this is what it’s like to be a woman on a dating site” story, because I KNOW it is a common story, and I think it’s an important part of a much larger problem that should be shared. But it always seems framed with this “we’re all in the sisterhood together and we all know this stuff and share together” kind of bit. And it’s always mentioned how there’s nothing about the profile or anything else that is a factor, it’s JUST the existence of a female profile on a dating site. And so I feel like I must not really be a woman on a dating site, and since I’m obviously ON a dating site I, I don’t really count as a woman, or there’s something wrong with me, all that. I’m not in the sisterhood.

    Sort of like, some women’s experience of sexual objectification is being reduced to a prize or conquest, and some women’s experience of sexual objectification is being dismissed, ignored, deemed worthless because they’re NOT the prize. And when (it feels like) everyone is saying that “being a woman” means getting the former treatment, it ignores people getting the flip side.

  3. Marilyn Miller

    Oh, the Dan Brown article. That’s the best laugh I’ve had in months.

    How I wish I’d known, years ago when my friends and I would pass books around for reading and commentary, especially commentary, that there’s a term for such marginalia. Dialogic marginalia – how very impressive.

    Thank you, Natalie. You made my day.


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