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January 3, 2014

Time to head back to the linkspam mines…

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  1. Sunita

    Oh, no, that post from Franklin made me cry. I never cry. I’ve never met him but I read his blog for years when I was knitting all the time. He is such a lovely person and so generous. And funny. I always thought he was attractive, in that not-conventionally-beautiful way people are always described in romance novels. I am so glad he modeled the trunks anyway (and they are much more appealing than my mind’s eye showed them to me). And fuck those commenters. (Sorry to swear on your blog)

  2. Natalie Luhrs

    @Sunita: Swear all you like–there are parts of the knitting community that are SO toxic–but we’re all so niiiiice (sound familiar?). Franklin was so nice and so professional during the class I took from him–he made sure to say positive things about everyone’s projects and he was just really excellent (unlike another Big Name Knitting Teacher I took a class from a few months later). And he is hilarious–I think my favoritest post ever on his blog is the one where a random lady asked him if he had learned to knit in prison.

  3. Pamela Thomas

    Thank you for your AWESOME comment. We agree that our Funky Turns 40: Black Character Revolution Exhibition is “pure undiluted awesome”. But you put it words that are much more AWESOME! – Sista ToFunky (

  4. Selki

    I’d never heard of Naomi Mitchison before, looks good.


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