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Written by Natalie Luhrs

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December 9, 2016


I am, slowly but surely, improving my levels of chill. The new medication is helping. I’ve also switched up my workout routine a bit and that’s also helping. Even though squats are fucking evil. I also reorganized and cleaned my studio space which has meant, of course, I’ve been so busy in the evenings I haven’t had time to make anything.

It appears to be the time of year that folks are making eligibility posts for various awards. I’m eligible in the Best Fan Writer Hugo category and The Bias is eligible in the Best Fanzine Hugo category. I’d be honored if you considered me for your ballot. <3

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  1. Jen Hofmann

    Oh, wow, Natalie. Thank you SO much for linking to my weekly checklist. It’s getting a much larger response than I could have imagined (I started it for just 30 local tech-phobic gals).

    As a fellow writer, I’m noting with glee that it got a longer writeup than any of your other links. But your thoughtful observation about the tone I’m writing in is amazing feedback means a lot to me. We’re going to have collective adrenal fatigue if we don’t moderate the freaking out.

    I only just found you, but I’m so happy to meet you. Thanks for sharing. We’re stronger together!


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