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Written by Natalie Luhrs

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December 2, 2016


I decided to take last week off for the holiday here in the US, which means that only people who subscribe to my newsletter got the story about the time we went to Hamilton and Mike Pence was in the audience.

At this point, I am limiting how much time I am spending on both Twitter and Facebook for the sake of my mental health. I’m not doing very well, to the point where I’ve had to start therapy and go back on medication for anxiety and depression. It’s helping but I also have to limit my exposure to what my brain incorrectly interprets as personal attacks and demands.  I’m not ignoring what’s going on in the US right now, but I am being more proactive around much time I spend being bombarded by the trashfire.

I’m also having a hard time with my tendency towards cynicism and I’m trying to counteract it with applied earnestness and recognizing which sorts of actions work best for my headspace (see this about short/medium/long game discussions). As a very wise and dear friend of mine wrote, “I’m putting my heart in my teeth.”

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This is fine. (or is it not fine?)

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