Links Roundup: 11/17/17
"Pinocchio Forest Parade" by Amber Ma

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November 17, 2017

I am on vacation from work until the week after Thanksgiving. And I’m only working one five day week before the end of the year. Hurray for accumulated vacation days!

I’m not planning on doing a whole lot of work on my break. The links post will also be on vacation, but I am planning on getting some work done on an essay that I’m hoping to publish in the next couple of weeks. I also have some personal projects I’m planning on working on, including some painting and cataloging my TBR (remember me when I’m gone). Gotta get all my personal project ducks in a row because I’m pretty sure that the workload I’ve been dealing with the last few months is only the beginning.

I’ll also be taking a break from most social media, with the exception of the Mastodon instance, which is lovely and slow and reminds me of Twitter in the Before Times.

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