Links Roundup 10/28/16
Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

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October 28, 2016

Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

Have a picture of some pretty leaves.

American TrashfireElection

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  1. Selki

    Good for that student who interacts with the cleaning, cafeteria, security etc. staff. I remember way back when some of my Xerox co-workers in NY thought it was weird that I talked with the cleaning staff. I don’t try to converse with the cleaners at my current office because I know they’re on a really tight schedule, but I do at least say hello and make eye contact with them, and sometimes I chat a little with the security guards.

    Good Ann Leckie post on apologies, and good support duck.

  2. James Davis Nicoll

    I am happy to chat with the Plant Ops folks because without them the campus grinds to a halt within a day. If it’s winter, everyone then freezes to death. And then the geese come.

  3. Ros

    I used to have a lovely cleaner when I was at university, called Francesca. She was Italian and didn’t speak very good English. She once told me how to make really good bolognese sauce (unlike her daughter who would never listen and didn’t do it right!). I still do it her way and it’s always amazing. The secret is to cook it for at least three hours. The last hour is when it becomes a sauce, rather than just a mix of ingredients.

  4. Forrice

    You have a awesome round up selection.


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