Links Roundup 09/23/16

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  1. Selki

    – Oneida: there were such interesting spiritual-utopia experiments in the US that century (some ending so badly). Also, great pictures in the article (I almost overlooked the gallery at the bottom). Also also, that bit about the Mansion House being like a retirement community into the 1970’s, so interesting! (wondering if any novels set there)
    – Street design: interesting.
    – Those are some awesome hats!

  2. I_Sell_Books

    Bad grammar is like an itch on my brain. Having said that, I only bitch about it to people I know Will Understand.

    I will, however, always rail against random apostrophes in proper names (by which I mean names that are created, rather than cultural, if you know what I mean)(because I like being able to pronounce someone’s name, dammit, and being the owner of a four letter name that gets mispronounced all the freakin’ time, I hate doing the same thing to other people).


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