Links Roundup 09/16/16
Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

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September 16, 2016

Pretty Terrible Links Roundup
This is a European goldfinch, which looks completely different than the ones who hang out in my backyard.

"Goldfinch" by Andrew Morffrew. CC BY-ND

“Goldfinch” by Andrew Morffrew. CC BY-ND

Reader Submissions

Huzzah, I have a nice collection of reader submitted links for y’all this week.  I will note that some folks have been using the form to try to get me to promote their nonsense: cut it out, not cool.

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  1. Ros

    I was listening to a thing about London Fashion Week on the radio today, and as always, the conversation turned towards the size of the models. It made me think about what I’d do if I were a designer. I’d like to get one or two models in every size from, say UK6 (US2) up to UK40 (or more) and give every one of them an outfit that would be available in all sizes. I think that would make a fantastic catwalk show and make the point that it’s not about ‘normal’ vs. ‘plus size’ vs. ‘fat’. All women deserve fabulous clothes. Tim Gunn should know better.

  2. Karen

    Okay, first off, can I just squee for a second that I was added to this list?


    All righty, I’m done.

    Thanks for spotlighting my post! 🙂

  3. Karen

    @Ros: Just a few days after the Tim Gunn article hit the interwebs, an article about Christian Siriano using five plus-size models in his show hit my Facebook feed. Granted, the majority of them were the standard “hourglass/thick” shape, and they were about a size 12 through 16, but hey…go ‘head Christian. (Now call me when he puts a size 24 or 26 on that runway and I will be UBER impressed. Hell, Jean-Paul Gaultier did that with Velvet D’Amour back in 2006.)

    Anyway, he says this about a fashion house doing a full size run in the article:
    “Basically, to have a full size run—let’s say you needed a 0 to a 16—of every style available would be nine units. If the collection was 100 pieces, that’s 900 pieces. Oh my God. With 900 pieces, you could go out of business in one season. That could be $200,000 to $300,000 tied up. The cost comes from the fabrics—some of our fabric orders are $50,000—production, and sampling. It’s the logistics.”

    Now, to his credit, he did say that this year they are taking a risk and doing the full size run. Now let’s hope people BUY it. If that happens, then other designers might see it as less of a risk and offer larger sizes. Of course, I’m still sized out of it at a 16, but hopefully one day?

    You can read the article here, if you like:

  4. Selki

    Looks like Lionel Shriver pulled a Truesdale at that literary conference, except she just stomped all over the (keynote) audience instead of co-panelists and audience. Bleah.

    That Dancing in the Streets vid cracked me up, not least b/c of the contrast with my mind overlaying the full song.


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