Links Roundup 08/05/16
Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

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August 5, 2016

Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

These are balloon animals like you’ve never seen balloon animals before.

Fuck it, I’m getting political. I’m really concerned and worried about the election here in the US and I’m tired of censoring myself. I will try to separate out the US election links from everything else, though.  I know it’s not everyone’s primary interest and that some folks are avoiding for really good reasons, but this is what I’m reading right now.

Reader Submitted Links

Lilysea sent in a whole bunch of links and here they are–thanks so much for the link supply. 🙂

US Election Links

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1 Comment

  1. Selki

    Thiel: that reminds me of one of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan books (witch doctor using blood of young’uns, yes problematic but I read most of ’em when young) …
    not to mention various real-life inspirations for vampire mythology, back in the day.
    … coincidentally, James Nicoll mentioned one of them recently,

    Witch: I wouldn’t call someone lititgious for filing counter-suits of defamation. Good for her for standing up to all those charges. Also wondering now how many witch “trials” they only loosely tied the accused, counting on her to struggle out of her bonds and “float”.

    Missouri: good idea!

    Men wearing hijabs in solidarity: that’s good too.


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