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"Towards the door we never opened" by Joshua Flint

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July 7, 2017

I have to buy some bamboo stakes this weekend. The liatris spicata has gotten so leggy that it’s falling over onto other plants and I’m findig that to be suboptimal. I am not sure why it’s gotten so leggy, all I can think is that it’s possibly not getting enough sun even though it gets at least six hours a day, which should meet its sunlight requirements. Anyhow, stakes and some twine to get them off the echinacea and salvia. And next year, I’ll use tomato cages. I am generally pretty happy with the garden this year–for the first year, we’re getting a fair bit of color and we’re certainly attracting lots of pollinators, which was the goal.  Next year, I think I’m going to fill in some of the bare spaces with more coreopsis and introduce some dianthus and maybe some creeping phlox and perennial geraniums.

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