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"Star Dust" by Rob Gonsalves

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May 12, 2017

"Star Dust" by Rob Gonsalves

“Star Dust” by Rob Gonsalves

I’ve been making a lot of yarn lately. It gives me something to do with my hands as I catch up with what’s on the DVR (entirely too much, is what). There’s something incredibly satisfying about taking a long length of top and using a lever and pulleys to make it into yarn–yarn that I mostly don’t use, but I keep thinking I’m going to get a loom one of these days. And then I’ll use up the pounds of yarn I’ve accumulated over the years. (I want a Saori, in part because I know that if I have to fuss around with warping I’ll never use the thing–I helped someone warp a loom once and it sucked.)

Garden update: one of the salvia and one of the hydrangea are blooming, it’s very exciting. The replacement coreopsis and phlox have arrived and are in the ground; if the phlox doesn’t make it, I may look into finding a local nursery that sells full plants as opposed to mail order bare root plants. We’ll see. Everything is doing really well, apart from the phlox. It’s exciting and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

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  1. TAM

    Oh man, it’s a good article but you’re right, leaving out Murder Ballads is a loss (I mean, the new album’s title appears to come from one of the tracks on Murder Ballads!)

  2. Selki

    I have eaten at Flip’s barbeque mentioned in the article (the one the writer ate at growing up, not the chain that’s the main subject of the article. And now I understand why some South Carolinians referred to the yellow sauce of the chain as “evil” (I thought it was just a preference for the vinegar style versus the mustard style).

    Also, a “Mission BBQ” has opened up nearby, replacing a favorite restaurant. It has a military theme and had a decorated Hummer outside. Apparently a chain? I’ll keep going to the other BBQ in the same shopping center (?!?) — nobody up here does barbeque right, but at least the other BBQ has pickled okra.


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