Links Roundup: 04/22/16
Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

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April 22, 2016

Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

Well, dammit.


“Prince was a paradox in that he expanded the concept of what it meant to be a man while also deconstructing the entire idea of gender.” (This piece also goes on to discuss other aspects of Prince’s identity. It’s a fantastic essay and probably my favorite of all that I’ve read this evening.)

“On one side of your childhood, there is Reagan and AIDS and nuclear war and the yelling Christians. And on the other side, there is Prince.”

Prince’s Super Bowl performance.

Nation Too Sad To Fuck Even Though It’s What Prince Would Have Wanted

Prince Was One of the Greatest Fantasy Storytellers of All Time

Seeing Purple: Prince in the ’80s

How Prince Helped Created A New Music Scene In Minneapolis

Prince gave black kids permission to be weirdos

Prince’s career-long battle against record label tyranny and championing of artists’ right to be paid is exactly why you can’t find any of his music online to listen to today.

There Will Never Be Another Like Prince

While My Guitar Gently Weeps



Prince on Muppets Tonight

In conclusion:

dearly beloved we are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life

(Shamelessly stolen from my friend Heather.)

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