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March 31, 2017

My plants haven’t shipped yet but I now have fifteen bags of mulch and a wheelbarrow. I guess I am a person who gardens now. More updates as events warrant.

Thank you for the kind comments on Tuesday’s post. Of course, that evening I learned that my “behavioral health” benefit at work doesn’t go through my medical insurance at all, but through the company that runs our EAP. So that was a little bit stressful and it involved phone calls. And I have to say, the people I spoke to on the phone, both at my medical insurance and at the EAP, were all very kind and understanding. And it’s all taken care of now and I am only a tiny bit annoyed that I had to sort this.

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  1. Heather Rose Jones

    Re: women recorded only as “his wife”

    I used to do a lot of data-mining of medieval tax records (and other legal records) for personal names for SCA research. Even in tax records where women were mentioned, it was often as “[full name of man], [given name], his wife” or even simply “his wife” with no name at all. I recall one pair of entries from a 14th century English lay subsidy roll that took the practice to absurdity. The first entry was “the husband of [woman’s name]” and the second “his wife”.


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