Links Roundup: 03/25/16
Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

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March 25, 2016

Pretty Terrible Links Roundup

Spring here is in the Northern Hemisphere! And it’s peak cherry blossom time in DC–which I’ve never seen and which I likely never will because I’ve heard that the crowds are horrifying. So here’s a picture of some cherry blossoms and a short but sweet collection of links below the fold.

cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms” by Jeff Kubina. CC BY-SA

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  1. I_Sell_Books

    Heh, so funny about the ‘Go to Cuba before it’s ruined!’, because when my mom and I say it, we mean it in the ‘Before Americans put strip malls and ugly hotels everywhere!’ way, rather than anything else.

  2. Selki

    Some of Ray Bradbury’s stories were set in Mexico and covered poverty tourism (as well as colonialism issues). In “Sun and Shadow” (1953, collected in The Golden Apples of the Sun) Ricardo starts photo-bombing (not with that term, but stepping into the shot and dropping his pants) every time a tourist would start to take a picture of a “rustic” broken-down car, cracked walls on houses, poor kids, etc. By the end of the story (once he’s explained himself), most of the locals consider him a hero.

    The locals in that story might not have objected to malls and hotels (not only for jobs, but also the improved infrastructure like the running water the Cuban article mentions that would likely be needed before such investment from outside), even if they might not be enthused about aesthetics and poverty tourists.

  3. Clare

    The cherry blossoms in DC are lovely and I never encountered horrendous crowds whenever I went (but I was in college in DC at the time and probably went on like tuesday morning, don’t know if that’s a possibility for you). But they really are worth seeing.

  4. Eppu

    Was there supposed to be a link for “Self-entitled ungratereful fuckoff”?


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