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March 3, 2017


"Hummingbird" by Siamese Puppy

Hummingbird” by Siamese Puppy (CC BY 2.0)

This hummingbird gets me.

The world’s still on fire and everything’s going to hell but here I am, doing my best to keep on keeping on, you know?

I’ve been doing work around the house–I made my art space pretty!–and I’ve done a lot of organizing and we are getting landscaping done with is so exciting! I’m going to have hydrangeas and a lilac and a pollinator garden in the front and I’m hoping to get two trees planted in the front next month (an Eastern Redbud and a Japanese maple) and the horror that is the right side yard will be tamed once and for all with the removal of everything but the azaleas and the addition of grass seed so all we’ll need to do is mow and maaaaaybe trim the azaleas so they look slightly less scraggly (after they bloom).

And I know that making a garden doesn’t actually fix the broken bits of the world, but it’s something I have some control over and that is no small thing.

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  1. AJHall

    One of the things which I thought bizarre about the AAM post you linked to is how hard the mod was locking down what she called “tasteless jokes” in the comments, when it struck me that if you’ve got a team of workers locked in the Sacred Death Cult of Jane’s Stapler at least one of the possible responses is dark humour, to save your own sanity if nothing else. In fact, it reminded me of the episode in McCaffrey’s A Ship Who Sang (a work which has not merely been visited by the Suck Fairy in general, but by the “How Could This Possibly Have Been Regarded as Normal In Any Age or Time” Goddess, but bear with me) where the approach taken to a planet with a similar problem is to sing songs very loudly at the cultists in the style of Bob Dylan.

    • Natalie Luhrs

      Tasteless jokes aren’t really part of the culture at AAM, there were certainly jokes she let stay so I expect that what was removed was likely the opposite of helpful. (The comments are usually quite helpful.)

  2. AJHall

    @Natalie Luhrs: Their site, their rules, of course, but I personally felt what was missing was some willingness to tell the toxic team that they were not just being a bunch of bullies who seemed hell bent on driving someone else to suicide to appease their sense of grievance against the world (a team so notorious that someone writes their resignation letter in advance against the risk of being asked to join it is certainly edging into that territory) but that they were making both themselves and Jane (by extension) ridiculous.


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