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February 10, 2017



As I write this, it’s snowing after a string of unseasonably warm days, including one in the low 70s (Fahrenheit).

I’m looking forward to spring and have been diverting myself by making lists and plans for our yard. I’m hoping to make some headway this year on projects that have taken a bit of a back burner: planting trees, reconfiguring some of the flowerbeds, pulling out bushes that are nearing the end of their lives. I’m going to order a lilac bush (a delightfully old fashioned cultivar) and some hydrangeas soon–I’ve always wanted both, and I’ve found the perfect spots in my yard to plant them.

I’ve also been thinking about ways to manage our neighbor on the north side: she is one of those people who is obsessive about their lawn and got in our faces last year about how she thinks “people like us” shouldn’t be allowed to buy houses. She has an unnatural attachment to our yard as our house used to belong to her brother (who died) and she really needs to work that through with a therapist instead of taking it out on us. I am thinking about either a fence or a row of narrow evergreens in the back and some crepe myrtles in the front. But those are projects for other springs, this spring is for flowers.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve reconfigured my newsletter–instead of weekly, I’m now sending them monthly. If you’re interested, here’s the sign up link.

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