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January 6, 2017


…and I’m back for 2017.

I was hoping that the break would give me some time to recoup, but I’m having a hard time: our cat Pixel got sick the week before Christmas–probably cancer, we chose not to go for an expensive diagnosis. After a couple of good weeks, she started declining again and then on Wednesday she was in a very sad state when I got home from work, so we had little choice but to put her to sleep. Our vet thinks she had either a blood clot or a seizure that precipitated her rapid decline–we could see her getting weaker by the minute, until she could barely move. The last thing she did before the vet started the sedative was to lean her head into my hand. I’m so grateful that she waited for us to say goodbye. She was 16 and we loved her very much.

In significantly more cheerful news, I have an essay in Issue 14 of Uncanny: Why You Should Read Romance. I’m really proud of it. Added bonus: I talk shit about Heinlein and Rothfuss in it. And make a lot of romance recommendations.

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