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January 26, 2018

I took this picture as the plane descended to the Baltimore airport. I was struck by the way the clouds’ reflections in the water and how the boats appeared to be aloft, the road reaching into the heavens, horizonless–limitless. (Also, I was in first class and that was pretty fucking great let me tell you.)

Re-entry into the day to day world after a convention is hard and con crud makes it harder. ConFusion was so much fun. I drank too much, stayed up too late, saw so many of my friends, made some new ones, and attended some excellent programming. It’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite conventions. Let’s do it again next year, shall we?

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  1. David Jón Fuller

    Some great food for thought here. I do think this is a seismic shift in the culture, and a long overdue one, as people who used to be free to ignore whether the art they loved was made by someone who may have been harming others while making it, or through making it, now have to confront how they feel about that. I remember feeling that when I first heard muted reports about Bill Cosby, but just couldn’t believe them. Now that so much of those allegations have come to light, it’s hard if not impossible to see all his old comedy routines in a very different context. Most I can’t even listen to anymore.

    As for what happens in the wake of abuse and harassment being a career-ending move, as it should be, I especially like the line in Alison Willmore’s piece: “I’d love to see something even better, though, from someone new.”


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