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November 13, 2015

my shot

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  1. Chad Saxelid

    Hamilton is amazing. A new classic!

  2. Selki

    Thank you for those posts on Missouri balancing out the hand-wringing over the journalist who tried to push his way into a group of long-beaten-down students and was pushed back and told off. Yes, they got heated, and maybe went too far, but my goodness the furor and the assumptions that he should have been treated as a neutral party, contrary to the prior media treatment (dismissiveness / portraying the protestors as violent threats / ignoring until the football angle). See also dismal Occupy reporting standards. As the Post article pointed out, there were other ways he could have pursued that story, more sensitive than the way he *chose*. As the students told the reporter, OTHER reporters were making different choices to document the event. People shouldn’t have to put up a physical barrier for a reporter not to push up against them.


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