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October 10, 2014

All the rest of these links should be assumed to have a content warning for misogyny, violence against women, and general grossness. It’s been a bad week for that.

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  1. Quatermain

    ‘Gone Girl’ is a lot more complex and nuanced than the single talking point a lot of people have boiled it down to. I gave it a shot and wasn’t at all disappointed. If you give it a fair try, I don’t think you will be either.

    (Of course, this also depends on how much you like noir-ish thrillers and seeing largely terrible people do terrible things to each other. )

    • Natalie Luhrs

      My tolerance for thrillers is actually pretty low in general, I don’t like gore, and I am not really a fan of terrible people doing terrible things to each other. So chances are good that it’s just not a movie (or a book) that’s a good fit for me. Which is fine, really. Not everything has to appeal to everyone.

  2. Quatermain

    @Natalie Luhrs: @Natalie Luhrs: I can understand that, my wife is much the same way. She read the book on the recommendation of both her sister and her mother and the only reason she finished it was because she knew they were waiting for her to talk about it.


  1. David Fincher, Gone Girl and Misogyny | Cora Buhlert - […] Robert Jackson Bennett has a great post about the movie Gone Girl and his massive issues with the film…


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