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October 9, 2015


From the Project Apollo Archive. Which is awesome.

This commercial gives me life. So many hilarious facial expressions. My favorite band from when I was 14. Yes.

Also! I will be at Capclave this weekend! As always, if I’m in a public area of the hotel, I’m happy to talk to people–if I weren’t interested in being social, I’d be hiding in my room. Here are my panels–I’m looking forward to them:

  • Friday, 8 pm: 50 Years Of Dune
    Panelists: Natalie Luhrs, C.S. MacCath, Darrell Schweitzer, Fran Wilde (M)
    The novel version of Dune was published in 1965. Does it still hold up today? Have the endless sequels and franchise by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson affected the reputation of the original? What about the movies/miniseries?
  • Saturday, 3 pm: Revolution, Rebellion & Nuance
    Panelists: Charles E. Gannon, Carolyn Ives Gilman (M), Natalie Luhrs, Fran Wilde
    Why aren’t rebels, revolutionary conflicts & post-revolutionary societies portrayed with more nuance or variety in speculative fiction (e.g. analogs to Mandela & Gandhi)? Examples will be drawn from fiction and world history.
  • Saturday, 6 pm: Diversity: Fad or Future
    Panelists: Bill Campbell (M), Natalie Luhrs, Sherin Nicole, K.M. Szpara
    There’s lots of talk about diversity in sf/fantasy but the overwhelming majority of the best known writers and characters still remain white and usually male as well. Are these calls to diversify just a fad or will writers, publishers, and fans do something to increase diversity? And, if so, what can they do?
  • Saturday, 7 pm: Always Twenty Years Away: The Singularity
    Panelists: Tom Doyle, Natalie Luhrs, James Maxey, David Walton (M)
    People keep pushing back the date for the singularity. What is the singularity and why is the date always changing? What is a realistic timetable? What sf deals with it the most?

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Links: Finding our way through the fog, only to find that there is no end.

Links: Finding our way through the fog, only to find that there is no end.

I feel like we’re all sort of fumbling in the fog, trying to find out way out of what is going to be the worst mass disabling event of our lifetimes–and as I’ve found out over the past almost-four years, there is no way out, there is only through and there is no end. Therefore, I give you a few waypoints that may help you on your journey.


Words of Wisdom

"It's chaos, be kind."
Michelle McNamara