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October 3, 2014

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  1. Amy Jo Cousins

    Just popping in to say KJ Charles writes terrific books! Her Victorian fantasy series, the Magpie books, is terrific fun, but get musty recent release, Think of England, may be my favorite. Edwardian romance/mystery, I was highlighting constantly because she’s just so damn witty. 🙂

  2. Amy Jo Cousins

    Oh, dear me. “Get musty” in that previous comment was supposed to be “her most”. Silly phone.

  3. Victoria Janssen

    I enjoyed the K.J. Charles “Magpie Lord” books as well.

  4. Deirdre Saoirse Moen

    Oh, also: Sarah has updated the gofundme page to include two alternate methods for contributing. She’s off the ‘net for Yom Kippur, so there may be more news tomorrow night.


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