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August 8, 2014

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  1. aegtx

    “You Are My Sunshine” is so stalkery! I file it under “you played WHAT at your wedding?” along with that one Police song.

  2. ConFigures

    I really like that Problem with Minimalism article. In my field and in my language, I’ve come to appreciate that over-engineering for efficiency reduces resilience. It also takes time that might be spent on other things for a better ROI.

    I enjoyed most of the High Road Low Culture article, but want to point out that some cookbooks ARE written with entertainment and other purposes in mind, not just cooking. E.g., MFK Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf.
    Also, I loved this from the first comment:
    “Akey compares himself to Casaubon but I don’t know if he shares my opinion of the latter and therefore I’m not entirely sure whether the piece is a self-mocking and ironic exposé of the arid emotional landscape of an intellectual or the self-indulgent lament of an ageing high-brow who, having been affronted by the fact that when he puts his magnificent intellectual tail-feathers on display they fail to attract a luscious female peahen, consoles himself with the thought that he can never be bored while he has those same tail-feathers to admire.”

    Loved Pouches.


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